There is a glut of bad news in the world. Almost every day it seems like something awful is happening and we lose a member of our global comics community. Thankfully this is not that day.

Woodrow Phoenix, UK comics artist, author, lecturer was taken to hospital with pneumonia last week.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, he disclosed the incident happened a week ago and only publicly spoke about it to praise Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for his level of care.

The NHS is the UK’s public healthcare provider that is free at point of care – so you don’t ever have to worry about having enough money or the insurance coverage to seek help. It is funded via tax revenues.

Woodrow Phoenix

Woodrow was diagnosed with pneumonia, taken to hospital and was able to return home the same day. While Woodrow Phoenix is recovering from home, he did discover something accidentally left behind by the paramedics – as he relayed earlier today:

Woodrow Phoenix

UK hospitals are still busy from the most recent wave of COVID-19 and has been in (its third) lockdown since early January.

Woodrow may best be known for his innovative graphic essay on the horrors of cars, Rumble Strip. This site interviewed Woodrow in 2012.

The Beat wishes him a speedy recovery!