Nerdist has announced the lineup for the YouTube channel, with shows from Neil Patrick Harris, Ain’t It Cool News, Beat dream man Weird Al, Rob Zombie, Alison Haislip, to an audience of Muppets. If only all press conferences were this entertaining. The channel launches April 2.

Adventure Time ruled WonderCon as it rules all things, with some new promos for the upcoming season.

The much awaited “Super Best Friends Forever” shorts, by Lauren Faust, debuted on the Saturday of the Show. DC Women Kicking Ass parsed it:

The plot was simple – Supergirl and Batgirl want Wonder Girl to “borrow” Wonder Woman’s invisible Jet. Lauren Faust has shown her ability to sketch female characters that are both broad and imbued with personal touches in her previous work. That’s she able to do it her in under two minutes is a testament to her talent. The piece begins with a wonderful moment of Donna Troy swearing an oath to her mother. And in about 5 seconds we find out that Wonder Girl’s mission is to join her “sister’s quest to ease suffering in the world of man”.  So much for the usual “Wonder Woman is so hard to explain” line.

ELSEWHERE, the LA Times looks at the media juggernaut you probably never heard of: ‘Ben 10’: The Jeremy Lin of the superhero world?

Unless you have a young boy at home, it’s possible that Ben 10, the shape-shifting teen superhero, has flown completely under your radar. Unlike the other costumed heroes in the Cartoon Network stable — Batman, Green Lantern, Teen Titans — Ben 10 launched without an existing fan base or brand awareness, the Jeremy Lin of the superhero set. Just seven years after the animated series first aired on Cartoon Network, “Ben 10” is now the network’s top-selling franchise, setting ratings records and selling billions of dollars’ worth of show-related merchandise. At a time when studios struggle to relaunch and reboot long-running comic book properties, Ben 10 is the first new superhero in recent memory to have this sort of breakout success.

Although not named specifically, Ben 10 was created by the Man of Action team of Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, and Steve Seagle, who are currently working on the Spider-Man cartoon, while pursuing their own comics projects.

§ The first guests for GeekGirlCon 2012 have been announced:

We are happy and excited to announce our first wave of guests for GeekGirlCon ‘12, happening at The Conference Center in downtown Seattle, August 11-12, 2012. Passes are on sale now! Returning guests include Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, and Warehouse 13), who is also bringing along the cast of her hit webseries Husbands, Trina Robbins (The Brinkley Girls, Forbidden City, Chicagoland), Greg Rucka (Keeper, Queen & Country, Whiteout), Gail Simone (Women in Refrigerators List, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman), and Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages comics and graphic novels). We also have two new guests, both from Seattle: M.J. McDermott (Seattle Meteorologist and Geek Girl) and Purple Reign (Seattle Activist and Superhero).


§ Finally, Liz Ohanesian does her first big hall spectacle, and drinks the spectacle kool-aid:

I may not have been to a Big Hollywood Movie panel before, but I’ve been to a lot of huge concerts. The two aren’t that different. When you see a band play an arena or stadium, it’s the enthusiasm of the crowd that makes the show. If the band messes up on stage, or just doesn’t sound quite as good as they do on album, it’s hardly noticeable amidst the chorus of screams. Here at WonderCon, in a room so big that I couldn’t see the actual stage, there was a similar feeling. Lindelof, Scott, Theron and Fassbender could have been pushing the worst movie ever made and it wouldn’t matter. In that moment, they have some sort of godlike status, where all you can think about is the best work of theirs that you have seen. And when they played the latest trailer for Prometheus, it was like the biggest rock band on the planet just busted out the song that’s everyone’s jam.


  1. Is the same Nerdist who asked Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder what it was like to be the founders of Vertigo?

    Yea… scripted Nerdism. That’s so kewl.

  2. I’m really surprised to hear people wouldn’t know Ben 10. Ben 10 is *huge* with young boys. It doesn’t have the same depth or wacky creativity as Adventure Time, so it’s not really going to reach outside that demographic, but it’s so insanely popular, I’m surprised people can avoid it.

  3. How can people not know about Ben 10…jesus! It’s everywhere you look here in Brazil. Even if my son hasn’t been watching it since he was 6 months old ( I didn’t force him..uh-huh..not me)I would know about it.