Virtual selfie on virtual Melrose!

Golden Apple Productions, a division of Golden Apple Comics, has launched Golden Apple VR, a virtual meeting space where fans can visit an online version of the Golden Apple Comics shop in Hollywood, watch WonderCon 2021 panels in a shared virtual space, take part in Q&A sessions with Heavy Metal creators, and even interact with one another.

Golden Apple Comics

A virtual Heavy Metal billboard outside the shop!

You access the Golden Apple Comics experience through AltspaceVR, where you’ll need to create a free account if you don’t have one already. While you can use a VR headset to take part, the press release (which you can read in its entirety below) promises that you can also take part in the virtual environment through your web browser.

A couple of avatars chat outside.

When you first access the event, you appear on Melrose Street outside a virtual version of the Golden Apple Comics store. For those who have previously visited the location in person, I can promise this is hugely nostalgic!

There is some very cool detail included in ads in the shop windows!

From there, you enter the shop, which has been decorated to look just like the actual location. I personally appreciated that details like the comics on the shelves were even considered! I found Cold Dead War from Heavy Metal (which makes sense, since George C. Romero is appearing at the Golden Apple VR for WonderCon 2021) and a few issues of the upcoming War of the Bounty Hunters… very nice details that added some additional, timely verisimilitude!

These look familiar! I also found a lot of Rick & Morty comics (but sadly, no Jerryboree).

For now, Golden Apple Comics is just a virtual visit, and you can’t interact with any of the comics or merchandise. However, the press release states that in the future, the Golden Apple VR will be a place where you can actually shop for comics and merchandise virtually.

Feel like pure shit, just want her back

The Promenade

By traveling through a portal at the back of the shop, you can access The Promenade. This virtual space is essentially a wide-open gathering area, where a large “screen” plays the virtual Zoom panels that make up the WonderCon 2021 programming.

You know, a door… thingy

Meanwhile, you can see plenty of AltspaceVR avatars walking around the virtual space, and if you choose to do so, you can speak with strangers – hey, it’s just like a real life con!

The virtual Watch Party schedule for the Golden Apple VR feat. HEAVY METAL!

In addition to live-streaming panels, the space will also be used to conduct virtual Q&A sessions with Heavy Metal creators over the course of WonderCon 2021, and on Saturday evening, the festivities will be capped off with a virtual mixer.

Several avatars conversing with one another in The Promenade.

The press release makes it clear that The Promenade can be re-skinned for special events, easily transforming the space into (for example) a Marvel or Funko themed arena, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more virtual events in the Golden Apple VR in the future.

Panel and Q & A w/Heavy Metal creators on 3/27 @ 4 PM PT!

Will you be visiting virtual space? 

Do you have a VR headset? Are you going to be visiting the Golden Apple VR, now or in the future? What do you think of other upcoming virtual spaces, like the SuperFan Mall? Let The Beat know what you think, either on social media @comicsbeat or here in the comment section!

WonderCon Industry Mixer 3/27 from 6 PM – 8 PM PT

Iconic Hollywood Comic Shop Launching Golden Apple VR A Virtual Reality Convention/Pop Culture Experience 

Global Space for Fans and Brands to Come Together 

March 25, 2021 Los Angeles, CA —

Golden Apple Productions, the publishing and production arm of famed LA comic  book shop Golden Apple Comics, is launching Golden Apple VR, a first-of-its-kind  Virtual Reality space where fans around the world can connect with creators and IP,  365 days a year. Golden Apple VR launches this Friday (3/26), corresponding with  pop-culture convention WonderCon, which has gone virtual this year. Golden Apple  VR will livestream convention panels in a virtual space Friday and Saturday and  host an exclusive VR Q&A in conjunction with legendary sci-fi/fantasy comic  magazine, Heavy Metal. A post-panel Industry Mixer will cap off the events on  Saturday.

When the pandemic changed the way fans engage with creators and IP, Golden  Apple Comics owner, Ryan Liebowitz, saw an opportunity to not just give fans a  unique, safe space to engage with their fandom, but also to fix a growing industry  concern. “There’s been a problem for years where fans only have a few times and  places a year where they can engage in public fandom. The aim of Golden Apple VR  isn’t just to create a virtual hangout space because of the pandemic. We want to  broaden the scope and reach of any convention, signing, promotion and pop culture  event to the entire world.”

Instead of a handful of conventions that are often geographically inconvenient,  Golden Apple VR brings “the Con” to you. Added Liebowitz, “Only 150,000 people  can go to San Diego Comic-Con and the badges and hotel rooms sell out in less

than ten minutes. With Golden Apple VR, an infinite number of people from around  the world can meet up online. Instead of reaching a finite amount of people, cons could reach millions.”

Golden Apple VR will launch with two “environments”: one space is a scale replica  of their flagship comic shop on the corner of Melrose and LaBrea in Hollywood, and the other space, accessible through a portal in the back of the virtual comic shop, is  The Promenade, a virtual outdoor public gathering area, similar to what fans would  experience at a physical convention. In The Promenade, fans from anywhere in the  world can gather for a watch party of livestream panels from WonderCon, show off  their virtual avatars, and geek out with like-minded fans.

Inside the virtual Golden Apple Comics shop, fans can peruse the shelves of comics,  just like they would at their physical store. For now, fans can just touch and look,  but in future updates, virtual patrons will be able to purchase physical comics and  merchandise from the shop or any environment inside Golden Apple VR. Eventually,  brands and creators will be able to set up virtual shops that can be open any day of  the year. And environments like The Promenade can be easily re-skinned for  targeted events, like the launch of the latest Funko POP! or a Marvel watch party.  Liebowitz notes, “The potential is endless.”

Golden Apple VR was brought to life by Kari Dietrich from digital strategy firm,  Partikle, and Big Rock Creative, experts in the social VR space and founders of BRCvr, an official Burning Man Experience, which won the firm this year’s Producer’s Guild of America Innovation Award. “When I saw BRCvr, I felt that  something amazing could be started for the comic fans and industry professionals,”  said Dietrich. “Together with Golden Apple, we look forward to growing the virtual  experience for one and all.” Producer’s Guild of America Innovation Award this year.

Through the Burning Man VR Experience, Athena Demos of Big Rock Creative has  seen firsthand the power of connecting fans in a virtual space. “At the height of the  pandemic, we welcomed over 90,000 visitors into 200 worlds created by 100  artists. Since then, in partnership with Microsoft’s AltSpaceVR platform, we have  seen exponential growth in reach and cross-cultural connections by adding seven  additional languages, customized interactables, and integrations with passionate  brands.” When it came to selecting the right passionate brand to partner with for  the launch of Golden Apple VR, Heavy Metal was an obvious choice.

For Heavy Metal CEO, Matthew Medney, making the leap into VR has been a long  time coming. “Both Heavy Metal and Golden Apple are in the business of magical  worlds, and have been for over 4 decades. Moving from the magic of pages to VR

Voids is something we’ve published countless times, in numerous variations, most  notably in Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep. It is crazy to see now, all these  years later, this fictional construct starting to seep into our everyday life. As I  always say, all science started as fiction.” During the exclusive Heavy Metal Q&A,  fans from around the world can meet and interact with George C. Romero (The  Rise, Cold Dead War), Blake Northcott (SYNAP$E, Echoes From the Void), Brendan  Columbus (Savage Circus) and Medney himself (Beyond Kuiper, Dark Wing).

Golden Apple VR is accessible through AltSpaceVR, the world’s largest social VR  gathering platform ( After creating a free account, fans can  access the roster of all Golden Apple Events through the AltSpace Events tab or by  going to And fans without a VR headset can still enjoy the  events from their PC/Mac or smartphone.