Moderator Migs De Castro (left) and Tom King.

Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ recently-concluded (and critically-beloved) Mister Miracle series ends on one of the more ambiguous notes in recent superhero comics, but at WonderCon on Sunday, King doled out a bit of insight.
“It’s about how you never learn the answer about what it is,” King said, “you just learn that’s what it is, and that’s what the end is about.”
If you haven’t read this series, this probably doesn’t make a terrible amount of sense. For those of us who have, however, it’s pretty interesting, especially in how it speaks to what was essentially the series’ catch phrase, Darkseid Is. King imparted this during a loose, question and answer spotlight panel, which also touched on his childhood, his dog, and his time in the CIA.
Relevant to his comics, King teased that he has another 12-issue maxiseries about an obscure DC Comics character drawn by Mitch Gerads coming up soon, though we already knew all that and he didn’t really give any new information. What was new, perhaps, was that King first pitched a maxiseries about Aquaman that would have had him on a road trip across the country with a goldfish in a bowl. That pitch, he said laughing, was called American Aquarium…and it was immediately rejected.
Finally, King talked about the most-recent issue of his current nine-part series, Heroes in Crisis, in which two versions of Wally West confront each other. King noted there were some time travel hi-jinx involved, and that “Wally is both alive and about to die.”
The next issue, he noted, will open with Wally speaking directly to the camera, explaining exactly what happened in the murder mystery at the center of the story’s failed superhero rehabilitation center, Sanctuary…which is not to say that Wally was the one who did it. Basically, Heroes in Crisis #8 is going to have a whole lot of answers.

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