I always look forward to Comic-Con International’s WonderCon, even more so when it is at the Anaheim Convention Center. In years passed, the convention has boasted a strong range of panels, ease of travel to the venue, good food, and just a general ease over the whole affair. This year did not disappoint either.

Though the sales floor seemed to be a bit more congested than last year, I was still able to navigate with relative ease. By comparison, San Diego Comic-Con’s sales floor is always clogged with “lookie-loos” and toy/autograph signing lines, making a tour of the area into a two-hour adventure instead of just one.

The food trucks just outside the convention center are a blessing when I get sick of my personal stock of Cliff Bars and trails mix. I applaud the Anaheim’s Convention Center for allowing them to keep coming back every year. Their only downside is the wait of course. This is not to discount the kinds of foods that are offered inside of the convention either, as there is a good variety for various types of eaters, and not just the typical warmed pizza, cold sandwiches, and standard nacho affair.

Though it wasn’t an issue for me, who was always frantically trying to catch up with articles, I can see where the night time programming or events could be lacking in comparison to other conventions. This is where the WonderCon culture steps in, as it has become a tradition to have an unofficial “fountain-con” at the fountain outside, mostly consisting of cosplayers dancing to music and watching movies on projectors that someone will bring with them. On Saturday night, there is also what is called by some as “bar-con,” where cosplayers and industry people just relax over cocktails and gossip, often maxing out the Hilton’s bar and lobby capacity. Away from the convention there is of course Disneyland for those who have an annual pass or are willing to shell that kind of money. This year at the nearby House of Blues, there was a nightclub event called “Club Cosplay.” It was a wonderful time and I hope to see it return next year.

Security was visibly increased this year. There seemed to be a guard at every possible entry point checking for badges, even in the center area in front of the convention building where the food trucks park. It was cumbersome at times, especially when some couldn’t answer questions due to not speaking English, but still better than its Comic-Con counterpart.

Overall, I had a great weekend as always. I am happy to see Anaheim will play host again next year. I’ve included some more pictures below with some of my favorites highlights. I hope you share some of your favorite moments too in the comments below!


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