A little late, but still time to go!

Saturday Feb 28th. 7pm – Midnight.
@ Isotope 326 Fell St.

In celebration of the grand finale of one of the greatest crime noir series ever made, the Isotope will be kicking of our month-long 100 BULLETS original cover art gallery show in high style… with a huge bash featuring Brian Azzarello and Dave Johnson! For 99 issues Mister Azzarello has served up a truly addictive, jaw dropping series filled with more twists and turns than a back-stabbing junkie’s used needle. And Reverend Dave Johnson has covered each and every issue with some of the most stunningly gorgeous comic book covers to ever grace the Earth. With the anticipation for the final issue at it’s fever pitch what better time to hang out with these comic creating juggernauts?

Not only will we be hanging Dave Johnson’s original 100 BULLETS cover art in the Isotope’s gallery, but we are also making a ultra-limited edition Dave Johnson Pint Glass crafted by the Reverend himself and SF’s best glassware provider specifically for this very event. But be warned! If you don’t like crowds this event is not for you, as we expect the massive crowds coming out. Thrown in conjunction with our friends at iFanboy. 21 and over, por favor! I don’t know about you… but I’m willing to call this baby “funnybook party of the year” already.

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