June is Gay Pride Month in America, with parades gathering in all the major cities to celebrate God’s chosen people as they wave from floats and hang out with Sarah Silverman.

New York had one of the largest parades this year, as you’d expect, with an apparent 2 million people joining the parade at one point or another over the course of the day. It’s also been a year since gay marriage was made legal in the state, and many took advantage and decided to tie the knot in classic Northstyle/whatshisname style. Roving reporter Phil Jimenez was on-hand at the parade today, and managed to catch the first-ever evidence that Wonder Woman… has a sex life. Here’s what he found:

That’s right! While we’ve spent years wondering whether Wondy was more in love with Batman or Superman (or Steve Trevor, I guess?) the answer has been flying under our noses all this time. Supergirl! Who woulda thought it, right?


  1. “…decided to tie the knot in classic Northstyle/whatshisname style.”

    I know this joke was old about five minutes after the wedding speculation started, but I just don’t think the typos liven it up any. Valiant effort, though.

  2. I say fail…people need to stop thinking they can simply redefine what God intended. Marriage is ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN, and nothing can change that. It’s still sin and perversion, no matter how you repackage it. It should be about what God wants, not what we want. And yes it’s possible to have the urges without giving into them-and no it does not mean you’re denying yourself.

  3. @mm: Nah, it’s not sin and perversion. It’s just a sweet picture of two normal people who finally got a chance to get married.

  4. @mm: sorry buddy, but its too late to put that (gay) genie back into THAT bottle!!! :-P

    You’re better off spending your time de-programming yourself from the nonsense you’re spouting. Or choose to remain the toxic individual you come across as being.

    Do you really think you’re going to wake up one day and gay people will all magically vanish or turn straight?!?

    If so, you should continue to stick your head in the sand, denying the reality of current day society, and let others live their lives…