Actually, Jim delivers what is quite possibly the greatest trip report of all times.. Is there anything he didn’t do? Octopus with Jann Jones at DC, then off to see CB Cebulski at Marvel, and THEN…ERIC REYNOLDS…SPAMALOT…TIMES SQUARE…INDOOR FERRIS WHEELS…TERRY MOORE…URINALS! Good lord, this is the life we only DREAM of living.

We will say that the grilled oktapodaki at Uncle Nick’s is one of the very best things we’ve ever eaten, and we force everyone who goes there to try it, and not just for the gross out factor. We recall making John Cassaday give it a whirl back in the day, and he loved it!

You see, tentacles DO have a purpose: grilling them in a bit of olive oil and drizzling them with balsamic vinegar. Yum!


  1. My favourite is still the octopus salad at Mr. Greek’s up here in Toronto but the bastards took it off their menu about a year ago!

  2. Ha! As if one hungry female an defeat the power of ‘The Brood’! Laughable!

    Unless… she’s eating the broood! Noooooooooooo!

  3. wow, Jim’s tour of NYC was pretty cool. :)

    but re: the ESPN Zone, looks like you went with the big mugs, which are the only way to go, but since you missed happy hour, when they actually cost less, around 5 bucks, I think.

  4. i was part of that tour! :) that was my restaurant/bar (marseille) that jim swung by on saturday night (where we also have octopus on the menu!). where garth, darick and nick were having dinner at the bar. the whole crew was there and had a blast. great meeting jim!