Wolverine and Sabretooth may be the fiercest archenemies in the Marvel Universe, but it’s been a while since they threw down. That changes in January, as Marvel has announced “Sabretooth War,” a new storyline launching in Wolverine #41 and running twice-monthly through the series’ fiftieth issue. The storyline is co-written by Ben Percy and Victor LaValle, with the first two chapters illustrated by Cory Smith and Geoff Shaw.

Here’s more on the story from Marvel:

With each issue co-written by Percy and LaValle, the Wolverine-lead chapters illustrated by Smith and Sabretooth-lead chapters illustrated by Shaw, the story will not only explore the pair’s current Fall of X status quos but also shed new light on their dark history with shocking revelations behind their undying hatred for each other. It’s a war decades in the making and it kicks off when Sabretooth revives a deadly tradition–with some of Logan’s loved ones in the crossfire. Only this time, he has an entire army behind him…

Get ready for the showdown to end all showdowns — WOLVERINE VS. SABRETOOTH! It’s been years since these heavy hitters have crossed paths in the Marvel Universe, but as Krakoa falls, so rises Sabretooth–and he’s out for revenge!  They threw Victor Creed in the Pit, but he’s free and, wielding an army of Sabretooths, will prove once and for all why he is Logan’s ultimate nemesis.

Wolverine and Sabretooth first locked claws way back in 1986’s Uncanny X-Men #212-213, and their rivalry has since become a key component for each character. They’ve fought dozens of times over the years, so it’ll be interesting to see what sets this showdown apart from previous encounters between the characters.

In a statement announcing the storyline, writers Percy and LaValle described bringing the two foes together again, and teaming for the story both together and with artists Smith and Shaw:

“Sabretooth is the definition of big bad — one of the nastiest, cruelest, scariest villains in the 616 and Wolverine’s greatest nemesis,” Percy explained. “Which is exactly why we haven’t allowed their stories to intersect — during this age of Krakoa — until now. The tension has built up painfully, and now these two savage titans are going to claw and slash their way into each other’s lives again in what will be the most violent Wolverine story in Marvel history.”

“I’m geeked I get to continue the story of Sabretooth that I began in that first mini-series back in 2021,” LaValle added. “Even more thrilled to tell it in tandem with my friend Ben Percy, who knows how to thrill and terrify with the best of them. We plan to make this a visceral story of two lifelong enemies coming to their most violent ends and I’m excited to get the blood flowing.”

“I’ve known Victor LaValle for a long time — as a reader and as a friend,” Percy continued. “His novels are virtuosic and deeply felt and scary as hell. He’s a horror head and a giant comics nerd, and his work on Sabretooth has been brilliant. It’s such a pleasure and an honor to join forces with him on this event. I worked with Geoff Shaw on the Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance crossover. And I’ve been working with Cory Smith on Ghost Rider. They are exactly suited for this project with their heavy shadows and rough texturing and fearlessness. We promise to hold nothing back.”

Of course, while Sabretooth is Logan’s arch-nemesis, everyone knows Wolverine’s greatest battles have and will come against a Predator. When will we get Sabretooth vs. Predator to settle that score?

Wolverine #41 and #42 are due out in January