Last week, Roger Friedman, a showbiz columnist who worked for Fox, wrote a column in which he reviewed the download bootleg version of WOLVERINE. This weekend, unsurprisingly, he was fired (although he is saying he wasn’t). The entire affair de Wolvie has led to mucho confusion among movie websites, most of whom have to play serious pattycake with the studios even when a lot of them got their start by releasing information they shouldn’t have had. Oh, the humanity.

BTW, we’ve already removed a few comments here that reviewed the download and will continue to do so. Obviously, the genie is out of the bottle but out of respect for the craftspeople who worked on the film, that’s our policy and we’re sticking to it. Now would we link to reviews by people who saw screenings of the finished movie and raced home to their computers to write about it? Sure…we’ve done it ourselves! But that’s part of the game. There are plenty of places on the internet to get things spoiled for you…The Beat generally isn’t one of them.

However, we will continue to cover the Wolverine movie in great depth and detail because it enables us to post many more pictures of NAKED WOLVERINE.


Rest easy, readers. While we’re going back to our regularly scheduled features right now, we’ll be breaking in with coverage of broody, smokin’ hot Wolverine, as events warrant.

We will also break in with pictures of other cast members of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE whenever there is emerging news.


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