On the POSITIVE tip for Marvel’s movie fortunes, a bunch of new cast members for the WOLVERINE movie were just announced, and they will provide Beat fodder for months to come.

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Danny Huston
, a bright spot in 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, will play General Stryker. Taylor Kitsch (above), from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, will play GAMBIT, which we obviously approve. Will.i.am, of the Blackl Eyed Peas, plays Wraith, and Lynn Collins (“The Number 23”) plays love interest Kayla Silverfox. Best of all, Ryan Reynolds has a cameo as Deadpool!
Can you say…WOLVERINE will be ABS-TASTIC? We think you can.


  1. This story and associated pictures are doing a number on my body image, and making me question that spaghetti diet I’ve been strictly sticking to.