200904091320• ICv2 talks with Wizard CEO Gareb Shamus about his acquisition of the Big Apple Con, announced yesterday.

We asked Shamus what plans he had for the Big Apple shows other than the National (the fall show), and he said that “we’re still working that out.” Carbonaro had run as many as three other Big Apple shows annually, in addition to the National.

We also asked Shamus for clarification on the ownership structure, and he said that he will own Big Apple, and that Wizard Entertainment will run it. Asked why he chose that ownership structure, Shamus replied, “I’ve always wanted to own a show in New York. This is just something that was very near and dear to me.”

• According to Twitter and the grapevine , yesterday, in addition to announcing the Shamus/Wizard/Big Apple deal, Brett White, the news editor for Wizard’s website, was let go. Another layoff was also rumored.


  1. With the lay off of Brett White I’ve been unable to get a response to several e-mails and phone calls about the Chicago Comicon over the last week. Does anyone still work for Wizard?

    How will they put on a new con in NYC when they can’t properly handle the cons they already have?

    Of course, Wizard will be out of business by October next year so the the point is moot.

  2. We are a group of fans that are staging a Funeral for what is known as Wizard World Philadelphia. The majority of us have been going for most of the years the con has been open. It has gotten to the point where Convention Coordinators who once asked us for feedback and what we would enjoy at WWP have been let go and new ones just don’t care. It is like the captain going down with the ship. Now with the new acquisition of Big Apple Con and it being in New York, we are to believe they wouldn’t want to use the time or the resource to stage two cons merely two hours apart.

    WWP has gone in a direction when had never thought possible, where the media/wrestling/comedy guests have began to out number the comic guests. We would all love to have continued to go to WWP but with the way the management is running it, there is no reason to dish out our hard earned money. Even if they announce a WWP 2010, without a major overhaul, the majority of us will not be attending.

    If you would like to contact me about this Funeral if you are attending the convention or if you would like to contact me to ask any questions or write a blog about us, etc. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    See you at Philly and lets make the last one, the best one.