Wizard World has announced a somewhat streamlined schedule of 16 conventions for next years, mostly concentrating on major metropolitan areas. Here’s the list:

New Orleans, January 6-8
Portland, February 17-19
Cleveland, March 17-19
St. Louis, April 7-9
Minneapolis, May 5-7
Des Moines, May 19-21
Philadelphia, June 1-4
Sacramento, June 16-18
Albuquerque, July 14-16
Columbus, August 4-6
Orlando, August 11-13
Chicago, August 24-27
Nashville, Sept. 8-10
Madison, September 22-24
Oklahoma City, October 27-29
Austin, Nov. 17-19

WW put on 26 shows in 2015, including such places as Las Vegas and smaller markets Des Moines and Richmond that probably can’t support shows of the Wizard World size. They scaled back to 17 events in 2016 following a leadership shake-up. a leadership shake-up. a leadership shake-up. a leadership shake-up. a leadership shake-up. 

“We have been working diligently to put together a schedule which will allow fans from across the country to enjoy the world-class celebration of pop culture and fandom that every Wizard World Comic Con show provides,” said John Maatta , President and CEO of Wizard World in a statement. “We are excited to return to some of our most successful and longest-running shows in Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Portland.”

The 2017 celebrity list will be announced later, but in 2016 folks such as Chris Evans, Norman Reedus, Carrie Fisher  and The Shat made the trek. The Wizard World Gaming Con, a new addition spotlighting  gaming and competition, will be part of each Wizard World show. 
While the scaling back of their number of events may be seen as a softening of the comic con business,  I think it’s just a reasonable stabilization. Wizard World shows have a loyal fan base, and seem to have successfully tapped into the excitement that the word “comic con” causes in fans of all ages everywhere around the world.


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  2. I would love to see Wizard World come back to Louisville in 2018 and bring in a couple huge Marvel casts like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. I know that event would be successful. Missed WW not coming back the last two years.

  3. Wish you would put Louisville back on the schedules….we’d love to go to one of your cons on a fairly regular basis but sadly your locations are too far for us to get to as a day trip less than 2 hours ther and back which is the only way we can go go conventioning

  4. Heartbroken that Richmond has been removed as a venue. It was a great family weekend for us. The larger venues are just too far away.

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