Spurge reports rumors that a few more folks have left Wizard. Vice-President of Production and Circulation Darren Sanchez left against his will, while photographer Dylan Brucie quit.

Meanwhile, over at [email protected], Lucas Siegel rounds up a heaping helping of complaints over the Wizard Store’s customer service.

If you visit Wizard’s Storefront Feedback at Amazon.com, it appears something bad has happened of late. The 90 day feedback shows 23% negative, but the 30 day feedback shows 53%. Exploring the full feedback, 35 out of the 50 most recent are 1 star out of 5. These have some interesting comments attached to them:

There’s much more, including a response from Wizard’s press person, April Wiggins, who explains that customers not getting what they ordered is due to merchandise that was damaged in a recent move. You can follow along at the Wizard message board, where complaints are rife.

In more positive Wizardly news, according to a recent email, Wizard World Phillie is still coming along:

If you want to exhibit at Wizard World Philadelphia, June 19-21, 2009, and have your name appear in our program guide, you must commit by this week! Here are some highlights of what you can expect! (For those of you who already committed, you may want to make sure you have product covering the following guests). By far our biggest event ever, we have over 220 guests and over 40 Exclusives! Yes, over 40! We have also committed a huge TV ad campaign to the local CBS affiliates that begins on June 8th, look for it!

The deadline is given as this Friday. Wizard personnel listed in the email who are still there include Larry Ernst (East Coast sales), James Spinello (Midwest & West Coast sales), Benji DeJohn and press contact April Wiggins.


  1. If Wizard is having so much trouble getting product to their customers, then where am I going to get my slabbed 9.8 return of Captain America comic? As it is already sold out, I had hoped to get on from Wizard, as many had to do with Captain America #25.

  2. WOW… What a train wreck… at the end of that article, it is noted that the five biggest publishers (Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse) have not confirmed participation at WW Chicago.

  3. Dylan is one of the best and most easy-going people I’ve ever had the distinct pleasure to work with, both on ToyFare (and “Twisted ToyFare Theatre,” for which he was the photographer) and at Wizard World Conventions. I hope he’ll make his way back to the medium in some capacity. Good luck to you, sir!