This property listing would seem to indicate so.

Owner would prefer to deliver building vacant but would be agreeable to a lease back 60-100% of office/warehous space.

Developing, as they say.


  1. It has to sell enough copies to break even or it would have given up shop along time ago. It is a mainstream comic book magazine, something that had long been missing from the landscape.

  2. “It is a mainstream comic book magazine, something that had long been missing from the landscape.”

    No, Comic Buyer’s Guide and COMIC SCENE covered this pretty well. WIZARD became popular because of its Comic “Price Guide” section, which told everyone that their WOLVERINE collection was going to make them the next John D. Rockefeller.

  3. Rich,
    I don’t know– COMIC BUYERS’ GUIDE pretty much fell out of fan-favor because of its cheapo newspaper look, and its ad-section couldn’t compete with EBay. I’ve no idea how well the recent conversion to magazine-format sells, but the conversion itself argues that the old format was petering out.

    According to Wiki COMICS SCENE had three volumes of publication, the longest being 87-96. Like or hate WIZARD, it had more prominence in the fan-field that that.

  4. Wizard was available whereas I didn’t hear about Comic Buyer’s Guide until college. Growing up in the cultural Gobi desert that is the southern tier of western new york I had to take a highway 45 minutes to the nearest comic shop and mom usually got in trouble when the police picked me up hitchhiking at the age of 12, but I could pick up wizard 2 towns over at a pharmacy with a well stocked newsstand. Yes its mainstream, but it covered the spectrum of material I imagine in a way SDCC covers that spectrum, plus it was fun to read. I didn’t know I wanted to think about comics, let alone write them yet, so I didn’t need it to be taken too seriously. They seemed like they really loved comics, and I applied for I don’t know how many jobs there that I was in no way qualified for because they made comics out to be just about the best damn thing.

  5. I could access the whole situation as thus:

    Comic’s Buyer Guide & Comics Journal = journalistic integrity

    Wizard Magazine = sleazy tabloid that’s not even fit to line a bird cage.