28531917According to a very positive LA Times story on the little pamphlet publisher that could, Boom Studios Ross Ritchie and Andrew Cosby, there were 28,000 people at last weekend’s Wizard World LA. Whatever you think of that factoid, the piece has much of interest otherwise, including news that Boom will be producing a comic book version of THE GODFATHER:

The average Boom comic sells for about $4, and most issues sell about 5,000 to 10,000 copies, Richie said. He declined to reveal company revenue. The work for issues, about a dozen a month now, comes from more than 50 freelancers and a core staff of about five. About 10 issues a month are based on original content, and two issues a month sprout from deals with Games Workshop of Nottingham, England.

As Boom grows the licensing side of its revenue stream with projects such as “The Godfather,” it also has diversified into the screen, selling its “Talent” and “Tag” series to Universal Studios last year. Their days in show business helped make the leap. After leaving Malibu, Richie went into consulting and script reading and Cosby produced television shows. Meanwhile, they pitched comic-book story lines to studio and network executives.

[Link via Journalista]