Main cover for Witchblood #1 by Lisa Sterle.

On March 31st, 2021, the new Vault Comics series Witchblood will arrive! From artist Lisa Sterle (Submerged; Modern Witch Tarot), writer Matthew Erman (Terminal Punks; The Dark Crystal), colorist Gab Contreras, and an as-of-yet-unannounced letterer, the series will follow Yonna, a witch who is 1,000 years old and being pursued around the United States Southwest by a group of biker vampires.

Sterle and Erman first collaborated on Long Lost, and according to quotes from the pair in The Hollywood Reporter’s article on the upcoming comic book, Witchblood is a departure from their previous work that is still decidedly “them.”

In Witchblood, Yonna the witch must evade the biker vampires who seek to exploit her and the rest of her coven for their witchblood, which serves as the source of all magic. With a sense of sartorial style that’s second to none and a rad ride called the “Ramblin’ Rose,” Yonna seems poised to become an instant magical icon.

This image evokes the Modern Witch Tarot Deck and brings great joy.

In the preview pages for the series, which you can take a look at below, Yonna appears to be navigating the American Southwest on a motorcycle, along with an avian accomplice who may or may not be the witch’s familiar. And there’s also a variant cover from Nathan Gooden that pays homage to Bob Larkin’s cover for the first issue of Marvel Comic’s Dazzler #1, released in 1981.

The Nathan Gooden variant pays homage to Bob Larkin’s cover for Dazzler #1 (1981).

Will you be getting on your bike and heading down the highway to the local comic shop when Witchblood is released in March 2021? Have you consulted your Modern Witch Tarot Deck to see whether or not the series is in the cards for you? Which seminal Dazzler cover do you hope the series pays homage to next? Let The Beat know in the comment section!