Next month writer Jason Aaron and artist Javier Garrón kick off the next Avengers arc “World War She-Hulk” that sees the She-Hulk captured by the Russian Winter Guard. Today Marvel released the cover for Avengers #48 teasing a dramatic transformation for the Jade Giantess into the Winter Hulk

This current incarnation of the Winter Guard was introduced early in Aaron’s run when he took over the Avengers title back in 2018.  Moreover, with the Black Widow film (finally) hitting theaters and Disney+ in a few weeks and focuses on her origin and ties to the Russian Red Room, there’s no better time for a comics tie-in. It’s not a huge surprise as well that Shulkie is sporting a white costume not dissimilar to the one Scarlett Johansson wears in the film.

Check out the cover by Garrón and text announcement below. Avengers #48 arrives in stores on Wednesday, September 1st.

Written by JASON AARON
Art and Cover by JAVIER GARRÓN
On Sale 9/1!

WORLD WAR SHE-HULK, the upcoming arc in Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón’s action-packed run on AVENGERS will continue into September with AVENGERS #48! This explosive new arc will see She-Hulk facing off against Red Guardian and the Russian Winter Guard, who are tasked with bringing Jen to justice. After being taken prisoner and sent to the notorious assassin-training academy known as the Red Room, She-Hulk will be transformed into something terrifying and the Winter Hulk will be unleashed upon the world. Who will dare to try to stop her? Find out in this exciting new chapter in the saga of She-Hulk when AVENGERS #48 hits stands on September 1st!