It’s a prolific, vibrant time for internet pundits and commenters. The simple question of “Will Spider-MAn 4 suck?” has split, ameoba-like, into a whole colony of unknowns. What will Raimi do? Who wil direct? Who will be the NEW Spidey? Will The Black Cat be really hot?

As far as casting Spidey goes, there’s already a sentimental favorite — Joseph Gordon-Levitt — who is agile, versatile and winning. but he’s too old — 29! — and maybe a little too squinty too. However we may have just made Sony’s job a lot easier. It seems there is already a veritable ant’s nest of potential Spideys, if this long running thread Making A Perfect Spidey Suit is any evidence. It seems the nation is strewn with men who can not only make their own Spidey suit — just like in the comics! — but look fantastic posing on rooftops in their homemade duds.

The very long thread may be time-consuming reading but the youthful anxiety over getting the webbing just right — many posters are teens — shows the passion for Peter Parker that exists. A few excerpts reveals an effort in sewing, gluing, latex-wrangling, and other craftiness that would make any Etsy seller proud. A sampling follows:


Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to glue a latex chest plate to a 0.5mm wetsuit or lycra suit?

my suit is almost sewn together… but its so dang tight!!! the seams seem to be stretching fine… but maybe just not the material? the fingers sewn arent long enough for my fingers and its a super pain to get my head into the mask… then theres the issue of adjusting… so sad so sad…

One of the rear zippers failed, but the local cleaner’s seamstress did an excellent job repairing the suit. She is also a fan of spidey, so one day, I may just make her day!!

All I know is I tried several types of fabric and milliskin is the only one that took the ink properly. The fabric is still white on the back and the white does show through if stretched a REAL lot. Try milliskin is my suggestion.

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