With a new Spider-Man film headed to theaters on July 28, 2017, Sony is in full swing trying to find its new Peter Parker and according to The Wrap, while the studio is going to be sending out test offers over the next few weeks, there are five major contenders that paint a picture of the type of performer they’re looking for.

Those five include:

Press Conference for Ender's GameAsa Butterfield – Probably the best known of the group, and was the lead in Martin Scorsese‘s Hugo as well as Ender’s Game


Nat Wolff – Recently seen in The Fault in Our Stars, but I rather liked him in last year’s Palo Alto


Tom Holland – One of the stars of 2012’s tearjerker The Impossible


Timothee Chalamett – Seen both on Homeland and as Matthew McConaughey’s son in Interstellar


Liam James – Star of The Way Way Back

Wolff is the oldest of the group at 20, so it’s clear that Sony (and Marvel) are seeking actors that can grow into the role and sign a multi-picture deal. The Wrap also reports that Drew Goddard remains the top candidate to direct the new feature, who was of course attached to helm The Sinister Six before Sony scrapped those plans after the big Marvel deal was struck.

I’d expect to hear big news pretty soon.


  1. Asa Butterfield would be pretty great casting. Looks the part and has great acting chops. I don’t know the others.

  2. I hope this movie flops. I think the should have kept Andrew Garfield and killed him off. Then brought in Miles in the saga. Then in Civil War have Garfield come back because he faked his death and face off Miles. This would have lead to a four way battle with Cap, Iron Man, and the two Spidermans. The plot for this story is monotonous because most people know the origin story of Peter Park in High School. I think the four way battle would have brought an interesting dynamic to Marvel’s plot line.

  3. These guys all look like middle-school children. No interest in this movie at all. The target audience, it seems, are 13-year-old girls who like to squeal over “cute” and nonthreatening guys.

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