What’s up with the viral game tied into the Batman movie going on at the Con this afternoon?

It apparently started this morning with the Why So Serious website giving out coordinates this morning to a location right outside the convention center.

As of this writing (3:30 ET), the website says “Checkpoint 1” and a cryptic message scrawled across the page:

Ready to play a joke? Tell your stooges on the ground to look up. They’ll tell you what to do next.

There’s also a place to apparently enter a password. No word on what that is yet.

According to Rich Johnston, it all ends up leading to the new DARK KNIGHT trailer, the one that was up on You Tube yesterday and can be seen in front of THE SIMPSONS movie.

the trailer is back up on You Tube.

edit: Here’s the screen as of now (5:00 ET). The police report (when clicked) talks about a dead “Joker” who was found in an abandoned van (from this morning?) and holding something that said “See you in December.” The small pixel on the right takes you to the trailer.

Why So Serious at 5 PM Friday

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. They are referring to the spot where they had set earlier. They had raised a 800 number there that led to a voice message. If you want to play the game you need the number

    Go to http://www.Gaming1337.com and look under General Discussion. There will be the number there under the thread called “The Joker’s Game”

  2. If you look at the front page of whysoserious.com now, you’ll see a police report on the death of the Joker… or of some poor goon made up as the Joker, anyway…

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