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  1. I was idly wondering whether DC still publishes imaginary tales. A Google search brought up DC’s GREATEST IMAGINARY STORIES, which was reviewed in School Library Journal. The contrast between SLJ’s tepid review and the enthusiastic reader reviews is interesting.

    Today’s kids will likely find the expository dialogue corny and the vintage situations to be beyond their experience. The best tale opens the volume–a reprint of a Captain Marvel story in which boy reporter Billy Batson describes the destruction of an atomic war. Visually and emotionally effective, it alone is able to surpass the datedness of its presentation. Otherwise, the fine details of plot mechanics and the cultural interest in comparing the more romance-oriented reprints of Lois Lane’s imaginary tales with Superman’s action and science what-ifs will escape the majority of the general audience.

    As for the marriage: If the characters were extrapolated to real life, Mr. Lodge wouldn’t tolerate the marriage for a day. He’d have Veronica involuntarily committed and the marriage annulled. I can’t imagine Archie Andrews having sex with anyone at any time. The character isn’t real enough. It’d be like someone writing a Peanuts strip that had the kids in a sex education class.


  2. Mr. Lodge dispossesses Veronica, who is forced into a middle-American existence. They have two kids, a dog named Daisy…. oh, wait, that’s already happened.

    Where was I? Well, first I was reading Blackest Night #3, and then chuckling over the recent Dark Reign: MODOK tie-in.

  3. At some point in the near future, Veronica will turn full-metal harpy and a miserable Archie Andrews will make a deal with the devil to make all like it never happened.

    On a related note: following the Kanye West kerfuffle, I was compelled to watch the video for which Taylor Swift won her VMA and, I gotta tell ya, if they ever make a live-action Archie movie, Swift is the only choice to play Betty and Veronica.

    That’s just me. I could be wrong. But I’m not.

  4. Only Archie Andrews could turn what should be a once-in-a-lifetime moment into yet another reason to want to punch him the face.

  5. Man, that art sucks. Isn’t there a rule about not drawing the Archie characters in profile? The composition is terrible too.

  6. Blackeye;

    The interior art isn’t much better. At one point, Reggie came in and if Archie hadn’t called him by name, I would have had no idea who it was. You’d think with a project this high-profile, they’d try to stay more on-model.

    What? Weren’t Al Plastino and Murphy Anderson available?