If you’re extremely top-heavy, white can be a hard color to pull off; not only does it show every bulge, but it makes things look a lot bigger. If you’re stuck wearing white — because you have to wear a uniform, say — and are busty, there are still ways you can minimize your chest line.
While form-fitting spandex is not going to hide anything, a v-neckline and high collar give a more vertical line which helps slim the bustline. As Dreamstar from Gilbert Hernandez’s new female superhero epic shows, a little detail can help divert attention from your enormous hooters if your work requires you to show them off.

On the other hand, too much detail can do the opposite. A round neckline tends to emphasize a bigger bust; a rope over the top of them makes them look even huger and shows you are some kind of bondage freak. A high neckline can be good camouflage but, coupled with a cutout, provides little distraction.

A clingy fabric with an interesting cut or drape will help give a more structured look.

Salma Hayek in white
If you’re going to wear a necklace, be mindful of where it ends, as the effect may be to draw more attention to your problem area.

On the other hand, sometimes if you’ve got it, you’ve just got to flaunt it.

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  1. “problem area”?

    Let me help you with your “problem”, Ms. Hayek. (Did I say that? I am SHOCKED.)

    Love that expression in the last photo!

    The biggest problem (from a comics standpoint) is that an all-white suit like Dreamstar wears is not only see-through when wet, but also suggests nudity (especially in a black-and-white comic).

  2. I think Salma Hayek would be a great Power Girl, if only she got a dye job. She’s plainly campaigning for the role. Somebody, make a movie!


  3. What a bunch of pigs…

    The sight of breasts like those does trigger a response, whether you look to evolutionary psychology or to sociobiology for the reason. But a woman is much more than the sum of her parts.


  4. comix journalism is teh awesomz! thanks 4 setting the bar so high, Heidi!

    Clive Owen and Gerard Butler aren’t doing anything interesting?

  5. There’s abundant research into the human body and evolved responses to various stimuli. The argument one repeatedly sees that pictures of muscular men are the equivalent of pictures of curvy, large-breasted women might be based on the idea that the physically strongest male in a group will be the alpha male of the group, allowing him to choose the woman he desires. But that might not be the case, according to research.
    Could Bugs Bunny be an alpha male?

    Some feminists take a dim view of explanations for sexist attitudes based on evolutionary psychology; see, for example this:

    Having said that, there are nonetheless some common evpsych hypotheses that I find very easy to believe, because it’s very easy to see the genetic advantage (and consequent evolutionary outcomes) to humans who comported themselves appropriately. Some of the more common ones are:

    1. It is more important to a man that his mate be young than for a woman. If a man chooses to mate with a post-menopausal woman, he will not have directly increased the chances for his genotype to survive into future generations, even if that woman were very powerful. OTOH, a woman could mate with a man of an advanced age and — if the man were powerful — actually greatly enhance her genotype’s chance for survival.

    and this:

    Okay I could go on with this but unless you are being a deliberate ignoramus in total denial you can see my point. There is no animal model that supports the “naturalness” of the patriarchy. The animal kingdom is largely without rape, as sex is something that happens largely based on the female’s inclination and natural cycle. The animal kingdom has hierarchy, sure, but male over male hierarchy, not male over female – its a male vs male situation in which they fight over who gets to be good enough to be worthy of the females. Lower ranking males often don’t get to have sex at all, so all you boys who whine about women being “gold diggers” or “shallow” for overlooking your pasty, flabby, lazy ass poorly shaven self with the crappy dirty apartment you share with five other guys with tattoos and BO? If you were animals you wouldn’t be getting laid either. You are at the bottom of the pack.

    Research into biological explanations for preferences for body types can seem exotic, if not weird:

    Upper-body fat has negative effects and lower-body fat has positive effects on the supply of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential for neurodevelopment. Thus, waist-hip ratio (WHR), a useful proxy for the ratio of upper-body fat to lower-body fat, should predict cognitive ability in women and their offspring. Moreover, because teenage mothers and their children compete for these resources, their cognitive development should be compromised, but less so for mothers with lower WHRs.

    But such explanations could be right.


  6. Steven R. Stahl Said:

    “…whether you look to evolutionary psychology or to sociobiology for the reason.”

    I don’t think about it too much. While all the pictures and drawings above portray attractive women, I don’t put much time into looking at them. However…

    I just spent quite a bit of time scrolling through the pictures of Charisma Carpenter at imdb.

    Thas alls I’m sayin’.

  7. I’m confused. Is the thesis here that women with large breasts *shouldn’t* show them off? Because I can’t quite wrap my mind around that idea.