0718 Hilton Surfboard Buzz
We really don’t like writing about P—- H—–, since everyone else does, constantly and to the point of nausea, but her recent pact with Stan Lee has dragged her kicking and screaming into our world:

Comic book guru Stan Lee is working with P— H—– on a new cartoon series for MTV.

Details are sketchy at present but the Marvel Comics superhero creator admits he’s delighted with the project so far.

He tells TV Guide magazine, “She won’t be your typical superhero. It’s a very refreshing and compelling situation comedy.

“I like her, she’s a very nice, lovely girl.”

Now mind you, to us P—- stands for everything rotten in our society–an abiding interest in the shallow lives of people famous for being famous in order to avoid thinking about things that you could really help make a difference on if you weren’t so busy reading In Touch. But when this picture yesterday was released, our heart softened a tiny bit. Maybe the post prison P—- is a little different. Let’s face it, putting on a leopard print bathing suit, grabbing your little foofy dog, then putting your little foofy dog in a MATCHING bathing suit, driving to the beach and yanking a hot pink surfboard out of your car while carrying a foofy little dog in a leopard print bathing suit…all while wearing HIGH HEELS…that’s not stupidity. That’s performance art. Really. Maybe Stan is on to something here. We believe in redemption. If P—- really has raised her game beyond the easy money of partying and shagging skanky rich kids while yakking on her cel phone to something more profound and absurd, we’ll support her all the way.


  1. What’s up with Stan working with all floozies?!? Pam, Paris, what does he do? Like pick out girls he’s attracted to, who happen to have no talent or something?

  2. So Stan is a Skrull, too.


    Wonder where they’ve got the real Stan stashed?

    This, sadly, is just like Stan these days. Wasn’t there a Stan-related Michael Jackson project a while back?
    Or was that a dream…?