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Well here’s a new spin on the convention scene:, a proposed startup of virtual conventions as reported by Beat pal Paul Nicolasi. The venture would set up a bunch of virtual cons with booths and chats and so on. And of course, Stan Lee, who is visible in the initial mailings.

From Tradeshow’s vendor greeting:

***Attention Artists and Vendors***
Very rarely has our Con community gone through big changes but that’s all about to change. The time for change has come and it is happening now.
It is with great pleasure and pride that I share the future of Comic Cons and shows alike. No longer will you have to worry about setup, travel, hotel, food, insurance, and leaving family. In can have a presence in any comic con around the world and have a booth online. The possibilities are endless with virtual shows.
Log online and chat with fans or customers from your mobile device and double your sales. It’s that easy!
By opening it up online to millions of people around the world, you will have access to customers from all over. This also eliminates the concern of not getting a ticket for a show. You are in as soon as you long on.

Future shows include Amaze Con with Stan Lee and United Comic Con.

Those names weren’t taken yet I guess.

In some ways this goes back to the idea behind back in the late 90s, one of the first big comics sites. It was the brainchild of Rick Veitch and Steve COnley (and The Beat;s first home) and had virtual booths for a bunch of indie publishers of the day.

I guess people will do online conferences and shit, but the flesh pressing, cosplay sighting and random joyous happenstances of IRL con-going seems to me to be the whole appeal of the thing.