It’s been nearly a year since Nicholas Gurewich gave up drawingTHE PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP, so what’s he been doing? Well, for one thing, he has a new shirt. Also, according to a recent site update:

The PBF Almanack will be coming out in February. It features a good interview with David Malki!

Still waiting to hear back from Channel 4 about the pilot.

Nick Abadzis got my package.

Channel 4? Ah, you’ll recall that PBF is very popular in the UK:

PWCW: Speaking of which, you’re also working on a television pilot for the BBC that’s based on PBF. How’s that coming along? NG: I’ll be adapting a couple of the strips for the pilot, and I just got the news the other day that they wanted to make it longer because they liked the 12-minute treatment I sent. They want to make it a 30-minute pilot. I’m actually working with a British television company, Endemol Entertainment. A number of people there had ordered some prints from me, and apparently someone brought them into the office. It became known amongst them that they really liked the comic, and [making the pilot] was just a decision that came about organically because of that. They all realized they liked the strip, and said, “Why don’t we do a show?”


  1. Channel 4 isn’t a BBC station, so the implication here is that the BBC rejected the pilot and Endemol are shopping it around. Mind you, it might be more of a Channel 4 kind of thing anyway.