7469 400X600Since our shocking discovery, we’ve been checking the spam filter regularly and finding several legitimate message therein. Disturbing. Alarming.

Also, if our spam mail is to be believed, the average American male has a great deal of anxiety about the size and efficacy of his todger. Disturbing. Alarming.

Interestingly, we were talking with Jeff Smith yesterday, and the topic of Citizen Steel came up, er, was raised…uh…ANYWAY, we were talking about Citizen Steel, and Jeff said “I put a pretty good package on Captain Marvel actually. I didn’t think he should have a Barbie doll sexless crotch. He’s Captain Marvel, for God’s sake.”

Also, does anyone know where to get some d*scount s*ftware? Or a discount R*lex?


  1. An anecdote from Steranko’s History of Comics reported that the Fawcett bullpen would occasionally burst into a song about the Big Red Cheese:

    “Captain Marvel has no balls, no balls at all…”

    Or something like that.