11-17-07 2339-1Sorry for the brief hiatus. While we’ve been recovering from various birthday related celebrations, the truth is we’re also just too damned busy. We have way too many projects in the works, a bad back, a stiff neck, AND we’re going away for a week starting Wednesday. And WE’RE NOT TAKING OUR LAPTOP. That’s a first but a necessity. (Plus the last time we took it abroad it got stolen, so…)

Anyway, there will be a posting dearth for the next while, and while we’ll try not to be totally derelict in our duties, we just can’t help it. We do have a guest blogger or two lined up for our vacation, however. More on that later.

As for our birthday weekend, we had a get together following yesterday’s Big Apple National. It was a festive gathering that morphed into a Valiant reunion party. We had an entire floor to ourselves, which was good so we didn’t scare too many civilians ith our antics. Also, when we booked the joint, we had no idea that it turned into a karaoke party at 10. So that was either the perfect capper to the evening or the greatest disaster in comics history. Karaoke is a you-had-to-be-there affair, but we really have to call out Steve Bunche for his renditions of “Thunderball” and “From Russia with Love,” Billy Tucci for “Daydream Believer” and Nicky Barrucci for “Sweet Caroline.” Alex Segura, MoCCA’s Matt Murray, Rodney Ramos and Michael Gaydos also stepped into the fray. The show was really stolen by two people: first, the infamous Nelson, who also hosts Arlene’s Live R&R Karaoke, meaning he’s a total ringer. Above you see Nelson and my pal Amy rocking out on “Sister Christian.” The other ringer was MoCCA’s Jennifer Babcock, who not only draws a webcomic, C’est Le Vie, but sang Bjork’s “It’s Oh So Quiet” complete with squalls. She is a lady to watch!

The evening was completed with an episode we’ll call “The Purloined Backpack,” starring Laura Hudson and Rich Johnston!

Anyhoo, everyone seemed to have a pretty good time. But now, back to normal, albeit a harried and hard pressed normal. A huge huge thank you to everyone who called or emailed or came out; if I didn’t respond individually, rest assured every message was much appreciated. But now, back to the grindstone!