David Welsh has a list of the manga best sellers in Singapore:

The Straits Times apparently ran a big package of articles in Sunday’s edition, and one of the sidebars listed the top five shônen and shôjo titles:


1. Death Note (Viz)
2. Bleach (Viz)
3. One Piece (Viz)
4. Naruto (Viz)
5. xxxHOLiC (Del Rey)


1. Nana (Viz)
2. Nodame Cantabile (Del Rey)
3. Hana-Kimi (Viz)
4. Vampire Knight (Chuang Yi)
5. Peach Fuzz (Tokyopop)

It’s not entirely clear how the lists were derived, but I suspect the figures might have come from the Books Kinokuniya



  1. I was interviewed for this article. One thing I said was Manga has universal appeal and what sells in every country looks pretty much the same. In addition to Kinokuniya there are many other bookstores in Singapore such as Page One, Borders and Popular. They also have an excellent library system plus of course many people buy books online.