1. UGH…look at brainy Simon and naive Theodore! The’ve been thugged-out. Though we have been lacking in a Chipmunk version of “Gold Digger”.

  2. I never thought I would be seeing anything chipmunk related. But they cast Jason Lee… that has my butt in the seat.

  3. Another sign of the apocolypse is upon us. I loved Alvin and the Chipmunks as a kid, but they look like they’re straight out of Baltimore City (and not Fells Point). Who thinks they will be singing Riding Dirty as the opening of this movie? No thank you.

  4. Damn, I wish I was able to post earlier. I new that people will be all besides themselves over this, but 1) was anyone over the age of 8 going to see this movie and 2) do you think that it’s really going to be a “hip-hop” Alvin & the Chipmunks? It’s just a poster.

    And would anyone be up in arms if the chipmunks were dressed as emo kids?

  5. My eyes! De Blu-Blockas do nussink!

    If you’d asked me previous to this weekend whether, based upon their output for the year so far, Hollywood was capable of successfully putting their own spin on a beloved classic, I’d have sneered (300 notwithstanding). But after Transformers and the religious experience it evoked in me, I say sure, screw it, rapping Chipmunks, why not; it’s not as though you’re going to catch me seeing it before its played on Showtime on a lazy Sunday, Christmas 2008.

  6. But are they rapping chipmunks? We don’t even know yet. If they are, then we’ll get the shock of all shocks- Jason Lee playing corny white guy being “hip”

    Steve Martin called, and he wants his role back.