Welcome to The Beat’s new home at Publishers Weekly! We’re still figuring a few things out, like categories and the sidebar and so on. But we have comments back and would LOVE to hear from you. We’ll be having our very own shakedown cruise over the next few days. We’re still getting used to WordPress, which is an interesting mix of really cool and really nerdy. If anyone knows how to convert our old sidebar from an html file to opml, we’re all ears. Otherwise, we’ll be rolling out some of our new features in this exciting pre-San Diego period. For SD we’ll have some stuff that is so cool we dare not even imagine it. Otherwise, welcome to the all new Beat! We look forward to seeing you here every day!


  1. Hey the place looks great gurlie! I was wondering when the move was and what the heck the URL would be. I gotta update all my links at home now.

    Best Wishes on the new “home”


  2. The site does look great, and if you ever need any free pointers on WordPress, I’d be happy to try to point you in the right direction. I use it on my site myself, and it’s a pretty good bit of software.

  3. Oh God… My eyes! My eyes! What a ghastly background colour! Please, for the love of god… mercy! :-)

    Otherwise, congratulations on your new site! The Beat remains my first port of call for Comic News!

  4. The new place looks quite spiffy, Heidi! Although I’m inclined to agree with Dennis that you might consider a different color scheme for the side stripes, the important thing is that comments are back, the RSS feeds seem to be working perfectly, and your picture at the top looks swell! I’ve duly publicized the move on my blog today.

  5. Hey Heidi, I love the new site. It is bookmarked and will be visited every day. I like the brown on the top/sides, logo & font, etc..

    I suspect the comments section will become quite entertaining.

  6. Just F everyone’s I, the colors are based on the PW website, so it’s all themed, etc etc.

    And if you haven’t signed up for the controversial PW Comics Week that everyone is talking about, now is the time!

  7. Congratulations on the move! The site looks great. WordPress totally rocks. Once you get used to it, it’s a breeze.

    And I like the colors. Very restful on the eyes after surfing through so many blogs with flashing banner ads.

  8. Hey Heidi!
    The new URL loads a lot better and faster than the Comicon.com one, so it’s certainly a good move, coming over to PW! Congrats!
    Though, the Add to My Yahoo! thing seems to be broken. I’m sure it’ll fix itself eventually!

  9. Woo-hoo! The Beat’s on WordPress! It’s really an awesome tool with many great features I hope you come to know and love. I’m not sure about your sidebar question since I started using WordPress to compile my blogroll. But I’m sure the answer is out there. Post on the WordPress support board. I usually find help there.

  10. I notice not everything posted in the last couple weeks or so has migrated from The Beat @ comicon.com. Is it still being moved, or will The Beat at PW have a diffderent focus?

  11. It’s great. I acutally like the colors of the page ^_^ it’s so up beat and sleek. Sad to see movabletype go.. but guess it was inevitable.