Illustrator John Cassaday recently announced his departure from the Star Wars comic book with author Jason Aaron. Issue #6 is his last, as announced on Sunday from his Facebook page.

“While wrapping up my final issue (#6) and the first arc of STAR WARS,” said Cassaday.

The All-New Captain America artist Stuart Immonen is jumping on board with Aaron. Immonen is set to draw the upcoming issue #8, and provided a cover that has yet to be colored with Luke Skywalker – it should be no surprise that it looks nothing short of excellent. He’s a great choice for the series, able to provide lots of different characters and faces with dynamic action and linework as proved with his tenure on All-New X-Men.

Author Jason Aaron advised fans not to worry about his involvement with the title clarifying that he’s going to be on the comic for sometime.

Just for the record, I am on STAR WARS for the long haul. There are so many stories I want to tell with these characters.

CBR broke the news, and also teased that a special artist is jumping on #7. Any guesses? I’m hoping for Arthur Adams, but after delivering interior art for Guardians Team-Up #1 it seems unlikely.


  1. I vote for Leonard Kirk. He did excellent work with me on the Star Trek DS9 books for Malibu. He does fantastic likenesses and was great to work with on a licensed property.

  2. I wonder who is drawing #7. I’m sad to see him go from Captain America. They did the same thing with him with All-New X-Men.

    I’m glad they are putting him on this huge book, though. Hopefully he is paid like it too. He really is their most versatile artist, and that’s saying a lot with the great crop of artists they employ or contract.

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