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  1. What got me was when I heard it in the middle of the Aussie Rules Football final, back in 1989ish!*

    It was like hearing Tubthumping at the bloody Super Bowl: Worlds…COLLIDING!! Head…A SPLODE.

    I do like that bit where Devastator dropkicks Grimlock, though. But what the hell is up with Stranger Danger Prime? Michael Bay’s got his work cut out for him.

    * – yes, they used to show the Aussie Rules Footy on British telly. That and the Sumo. Happy days…

  2. In case you didn’t know …

    “The Touch” is included as a secret/bonus track on the “Boogie Nights” soundtrack. In the film, Dirk Diggler was shown recording the track. The cd includes Dirk’s version in its entirety.

  3. Everyone who loved this needs to get the Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary DVD… just for the commentary alone. The voice of Arcee describes what’s essentially a method acting technique to her performance.

    This video however is sadly missing.

  4. Gossip, also from Seibertron.com: “The Touch” is being re-recorded as part of the Michael Bay “Transformers” soundtrack. No, not covered, RE-RECORDED.

    Personally, I think Daft Punk should do the whole soundtrack, but I realize I’m in the minority here.

  5. This movie got leaked.. watched it a couple days ago.. for those of you that are interested on were i saw it at here’s the link: “nowonhd.com” the movie was pretty good i liked it alot.. quality was also great..

  6. Well, I have been trying to make a go of it and blogging my brains out, but I certainly have to give you credit. That was excellently done. I don’t always make such clear points and a lot of blogs I read are poorly written and leave wondering just what were they trying to say.

    I find it so hard to come up with new ideas and rewritting someone else’s work can backfire. Particularly if you don’t know whether they are truly an expert in their field. The longer I work on the internet the more I wonder about most of the content. However, to be fair their are many aurthors in the print media out there that espouse their ideas as fact when they are clearly questionable. It is almost as easy to have a book published as an ebook.

    Anyway, thanks for the great blog.