In Buckhead, a five-issue series by Shobo Coker (Outcasts of Jupiter; Under a Jovian Sun) and George Kambadais (The Double Life of Miranda Turner), an African immigrant family moves to the Pacific Northwest… only to discover that not everything in their new community is as it seems! Arriving from BOOM! Studios beginning in December 2022, this Afrofuturist series promises to provide otherworldly thrills!

Buckhead main cover art by Kambadais.


The series follows Toba and his mother, who is a renowned scientist, as they relocate to the United States… but rather than move to an urban center, as Toba had hoped, they instead move to a sleepy Pacific Northwest town called Buckhead.

However, Toba’s friends soon begin playing an enigmatic video game that bears a striking resemblance to ancient Benin… and before long, Toba finds himself on the lam, avoiding the men in black!

“A story of ancient Benin kingdoms, of vengeful Yoruba daemons, of virtual reality, video games, and improbable science. It’s been a blast writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it,” Coker said in the press release from BOOM! Studios.

Buckhead is a story full of mystery, suspense and action! I’m thrilled to be the one who brings to life the beautiful and exciting world that Shobo created,” Kambadais was quoted as saying in the press release.

Video game variant cover by Sibaya.

In addition to a main cover by Kambadais, the first issue will feature a variant cover by Khoi Pham and a video game variant by Simangaliso Sibaya.

Arriving This Winter

Will you be picking up a copy of Buckhead #1 when it arrives at your local comic shop in December?

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  1. Boom has earned my loyalty through consistently good comics. I’ll definitely be giving this a shot and picking up #1.

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