The final Minneapolis Indie Xpo wrapped up this weekend, and it sounds like it was fun. The CBLDF’s Charles Brownstein tweeted:

At the amazing @bigbraincomics with 20 world class cartoonists. #mix2011 ftw! Great city, great people, great show!

There’s a picture of Steve Robbins, Mari Naomi and organizer Sarah Morean at the same party, looking like they are having a swell time.

Top Shelf’s Brett Warnock had a different experience, as reported on Twitter:

#MIX2011. Holy shit!.. standing on the Hennepin Bride watching a beaver cut & drag tree limbs into the Mississippi River! Too cool.

We trust the comments will supply the rest of the story.

As wonderful as it all sounds, alas, it was probably the last MIX! with Morean running it. As she told the Comic Reporter, running it was becoming a full time job:

I’ve been able to test a lot of experimental stuff I’d been wanting to try at this year’s show — the curator program that reached out to non-local exhibitors and the buyer incentive program happening at the show to encourage book sales — but I’ve got so many additional plans and ideas for the fest and those require even more time to develop and employ in what would be the lead-up to a third show. If I didn’t take a year off I’d be running next year’s show already on November 7th. I started to think about that fact a few months ago and the prospect of a never-ending cycle of over-work just terrified and shocked me to the point where I could finally make this decision. I met with the show’s co-founder, who isn’t involved in the work due to family commitments but has become a really important mentor for me (also mans our Twitter presence), and he was understanding and very supportive of my decision.