Writer/Artist: Mojito
Translation: Contents First, Inc.
Cover Design: H. Qui
Lettering/Layout: Karis Page
Senior Editor: Jenn Grunigen
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Publication Date: Nov. 21, 2023
Rating: Older Teen (15+), Mature (if you buy the Mature Hardcover version)
Genre: Manwha (Korean), Boys’ Love, Fantasy, Period Piece, Action, Drama

REVIEW RATING: 4 Stars (Recommended)
Ennead Vol. 1 offers up a compelling look into the complexities of the immortal heart and the cruelties that beget cruelty, where no one wins and everyone loses.

Disclaimer: There are two different versions of this book, one rated Older Teen (15+) and one rated Mature with alternate adult material. I have only read the version rated Older Teen, so I cannot speak to the contents of the other.

Ennead is a webtoon-style comic that first tells the story of the actual Egyptian Ennead mythology—from which the series gets its name—then jumps forward several hundred years to an Egypt overseen by the murderous Seth as the other gods do nothing to stop his cruelty. One day, Isis and her son Horus show up to try and stop Seth; that’s when the rest of the pantheon finally step in and set up a series of games between Horus and Seth to find out who should rule Egypt.

This is a very strong opening to a promising series. First and foremost, Mojito’s art is exquisite, every character in this series reminds me of that meme about the bisexual nature of the 1999 film The Mummy. Everyone is hot.

Mojito incorporates this wonderful sort of shadow puppet style into the scenes explaining the story of the Ennead and setting up the world of this series, making it feel like the way most myths are usually shown in movies, which for me works as a strength. It’s whimsical and fun to follow along with.

That’s juxtaposed with the scenes fully drawn out to show the Ennead interacting with one another where events are more kinetic, in your face, bloody and it makes for an incredible balance of style.

Book cover for volume 2 [regular edition]

I’m also impressed with how Mojito gives many of the Ennead vastly different personalities but keeps them just enough alike to let you know they’re still family. Yes, the Ennead are all related to one another, which makes their romantic relationships with one another incestuous, but they’re gods, so the only ones good enough for them… are them. However, the subtleties in their personalities really allow for each character to feel fully rounded and give the reader a sense of what they’re like. You are just meeting these characters, but you can easily tell they’ve been around for a long time.

Ennead is a boys’ love series, but that hasn’t been touched on very much at this point. I also haven’t read the Mature-rated version, so perhaps there’s more in there than here, but other than a few moments alluding to this genre, it seems Volume 2 will have more to offer. That’s not a bad thing; just know going in that volume one doesn’t contain much in terms of overt boys’ love. Here, it’s more about showing what’s in some of the characters’ hearts and letting that be the driving force.

There are a few gripes I have with this release, however. Because of how the series is originally serialized, there isn’t a great stopping point for the book so it just kind of ends, and it reads a bit too fast for the size and price of Volume 1. I also understand the focus of the series is on the gods, however, we get a few allusions to regular humans but don’t see them as much as I would like to. It would be nice to actually see the gods walking among humans, but that’s now what we really get here.

Ultimately, Ennead Vol. 1 is really good and something I can easily recommend picking up. And it’s nice to have the alternate versions of the book in case you like boys’ love but want more of that emotional element rather than spicy physical contact. And if you’re into Egyptian mythology, this is the book for you. I want to read what happens next, and I have no doubt anyone else who picks this up will want to as well.

You can pre-order both the regular and mature versions of Volume 1 as well as Volume 2 on Seven Seas’ website. The books cost $22.99 for the regular version and $29.99 for mature. The regular version comes in paperback and the mature version in hardcover. You can also read the ongoing regular as well as the mature versions of the series through Tappytoon, where the first four chapters of the regular version are free and the first three chapters of the mature version are free.

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