The Jim Henson Company has partnered with Webtoon to produce an animated adaption of the webcomic Lore Olympus.

Lore Olympus
Persephone and Hades (dramatic reenactment).

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe is a mostly-modern retelling of the Abduction of Persephone. Both Hades and Persephone are presented as sympathetic characters, allowing the reader to approach the classic myth from a fresh perspective by focusing on the messy interpersonal melodrama of the Greek deities. By pushing the personal drama to the forefront and telling the story using modern-day details like smartphones and tabloid newspapers, Smythe has made Greek mythology exceptionally accessible.

Lore Olympus

The comic also retells Greek mythology in an irresistible artistic style. The characters have extraordinarily expressive faces and impeccable fashion sense, and the settings (particularly the Underworld) and breathtaking and evocative. It all comes together to make the ongoing Webtoon series an ideal candidate for an animated adaptation.

Lore Olympus

According to the Deadline article that broke the news, Webtoon and the Henson Company are excited to bring young adults an animated series that expands Smythe’s unique perspective on the myths, particularly one that possesses “a unique female perspective.”

While My Giant Nerd Boyfriend was previously adapted into an animated YouTube series, Lore Olympus will be the first time that Webtoon has partnered with an outside company to adapt one of their properties to the screen since the company’s launch in 2014. However, with a vast library of webcomics that are updated on a regular basis available through the Webtoon website and app, the development of the Lore Olympus series demonstrates the future potential of the Webtoon catalog.

While the release date for the animated show, the cast and crew, and the method via which it will be released has yet to be announced, you can catch up with Lore Olympus right now on Webtoon.


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