By Jen Vaughn

In as unstable job market as we have today, three men have decided to give their art their full time attention, their all. Writer and artist of Let’s Be Friends Again!, Curt Franklin and Chris Haley, respectively started their witty webcomic on the print comic world and what it means to really be friends in 2008. Eugene Ahn aka nerd rapper Adam WarRock quit his career as an attorney in 2010 in order to follow his heart and let his mouth fly. Today they announced the joining of their two ventures into LBFA!, Inc.

“I can’t tell you what this means to us, mainly because I’m not really sure,” said Franklin in a press release. “What concrete information I can provide is that Eugene, Chris and I are going to be working every day doing the things we love.”

Euge even made a song about LBFA, specifically the friendship, before they had planned the ‘merger’ if you will. But now, these three intrepid Tennessee natives men are all back in Memphis, the dusky town of their origins. I asked Euge how he though moving from Washington DC to Memphis would change his music: “Well, it will make me have a thicker Southern accent, my speech is already slowing down, but it won’t change my music much. By being around other people A) like comics and B) are creating, I’ll have responsive people to bounce ideas off of. It will mean more ideas and more songs, faster.”

We look forward to fruits of your full-time creative work, guys! Laura Hudson got a great three man interview over at the Comics Alliance and the guys might even name their headquarters the LBFA House of Pancakes. If you have yet to read, Let’s Be Friends Again, have a good sit and start right here. You should totally pop in some headphones and listen to some Adam WarRock while you’re at it. Yeeeeaaahh.

Jen Vaughn, cartoonist and librarian, awaits the day a song is written about her comics. Until then, she’ll just listen to profilic Brian Fukushima’s song, Jen Vaughn, on repeat.