Tyler Page (Nothing Better, Stylish Vittles) has a new webcomic called Raised on Ritalin – A Medicated Memoir and just a few panels will give you an idea of what it’s about.


Via Raina Telgemeier


  1. Tyler –

    ROR is obviously important to you. Lenny Bruce’s last days on stage were important to him, too. In the latter’s case, what was personally important got him nowhere; he lost his audience. I fear that, except for a minor audience for whom ADD and its therapies are a sticking point in life, you’re headed down that unfortunate path.

    Stick with “Nothing Better” and similar comedy-dramas as your bread-and-butter products. You’re good at them and they attract audiences. ROR may bring you plaudits from the similarly-victimized, but you’ll be lost to the general reader who really likes your writing.

    And that would be a shame.



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