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Well, we seem to have had the snow on Tuesday, a light, charming sprinkling that left a dressy coat of white all over. The above image applies to the entire East Coast to MidWest.

The bad news is, it’s getting a little arctic today and Thursday (in the 20s), followed by a rise in temperature. The current forecast called for nearly 50 degrees on Sunday. Shirt sleeves.

Our packing advice? Layers! And lots of ’em.

Also sequins and feathers. Because New Yorkers love people clad in sequins and feather. Really.

BTW, if you’re living in the SoCal area, David Lynch does the weather every day at his website.


  1. And make sure to smile and wave at every taxi cab driver you see on the street. With the terrible traffic they deal with every day, they need some cheer.

    David Lynch, doing the weather. Not what I expected. Which is a good thing, because late one night, I watched the first ten minutes of “Blue Velvet”, and realized it was too weird to watch.

  2. Torsten, I once sat in a Repertory Cinema in Toronto’s Beaches, watching Blue Velvet. The audience giggled and laughed throughout the film. It was my second time seeing Blue Velvet. Their behavior caused me more anxiety than the film itself.

  3. On the far right corner of that weather map live a people like me. We were blanketed by 15cm to 30cm (12″) of snow overnight, but it was no big deal. We moved it out of our way and went to work this morning.

  4. Heh. When I was in western Mass I thought I knew all about cold and snow. Then I moved to Minnesota. It was below zero for most of the month of January this year. There was a period of time when it was warmer in Fairbanks Alaska then it was in Minnesota this January.

    Then last weekend it was 40 degrees and people were running around without jackets.

    The only month where there has never been a recorded snowfall in Minnesota is August.

    Of course at -20 you can do neat science experiments like this: