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  1. Perhaps we should fall back to the version first seen on CompuServe in 1978?
    The one with the cool ASCII logos?

  2. Loved the picture. Ah, for the days when men were men and women weren’t afraid to wear pantyhose/stockings with a dress!

  3. I am an ‘American’, and I work in I.T. -work ethic, cooperation, and education have no value, as there are condo complexes in ‘America’ filled with out-sourced labor from places like India. In the past 20 years I have worked at Microsoft in Redmond, at Honeywell in Phoenix, and at Ford in Dearborn, and I have seen entire departments be under bid out of work. That picture would be more accurate if it was a man from India. And hey, while those guys are working over the weekend, dont forget to let them “… you guys have no value, since you are not part of a ‘profit generating department’…”, or you can just make sure to say “you guys know you are considered ‘overhead’, right?, so you will not get any bonuses or perks…”.

  4. Indians cooperate, get rel0cated to the 'USA', and train each other; Americans hate, consume, sit in traffic, and outsource their own,

    The picture above would be more accurate with this one, since it is more important for ‘Americans’ to make an effort to un-employ other ‘Americans’, while people in the work place obsess on who is ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’, from the ‘city’ or ‘country’, and how to be a bigot towards others ‘different’ (the whole time Indians are able to train and learn from each other, as their government is making efforts to provide training, so that they can keep under bidding people like ‘Americans’ out of work, thanks to the WTO, and the ever so consistent and prevalent ‘American’ bigotry and apathy):


    Please update your photo, thank you ;-)

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