Earlier this week, WB Animation announced the voice cast for Batman vs. Robin, the 23rd feature in their DC Universe Animated Film line-up. Today, they debut its initial trailer via IGN…take a look below at the first animated appearance of the Court of the Owls.

Batman vs. Robin hits stores in the Spring.


  1. this is a very young Robin and there is no question who will come out on top. if this were with an seasoned Dick Grayson,then there would be a bit of a battle. still ,I will see it when it comes out.

  2. if this is bringing in the court then it better have red hood, red robin, batgirl, at least black canary and huntress, maybe even batwing. You cant mess 2 stories like that into an hour and a half movie, i want the full Court experience.

  3. You missed Rachel Sinclair (She was the feral girl in the New Mutants, You also missed Cypher (the new mutant who could communicate with anything. You also missed the Warlock (the techno creator from the New Mutants).

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