Sleep, sleep, my pretties, poppies… poppies…popp–

Oh yes, where was I? A word of advice: If you want to get in the fast track, stick with the The Beat. Our normal San Diego commute every year is to arrive Wednesday and leave Monday. This year, Wednesday flights from NYC to San D were horribly delayed, with up to 17-hour delays. *shudder.* And on Monday? Freak hailstorms in New York on Sunday ended with flights canceled left and right!

Yet our own flights were smooth and undelayed, even in notoriously erratic JFK!

In addition, normally we go to LA after the con. This year? Straight home. What did we miss? AN EARTHQUAKE.

Stick with The Beat. That’s our final warning.


  1. So, Heidi, when will you start chartering flights? Imagine… a five hour comic-con in the air! Con Air? With drinks! And good food! And goodie bags!

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