Sigh. Can’t escape.

§ Billy Crudup tells Parade Magazine what it’s like to have a big blue dong:

Q: They say size doesn’t matter, but were you getting teased about how endowed you were?

A: Of course, but I’m not saying how much the computer helped. Actually, I didn’t fully expect the interest that Dr. Manhattan’s genitalia has received. But I understood his motivation for baring it all. Why would the guy with all this power really care about a uniform? He doesn’t need to obey society’s constraints because, if he wanted to, he could destroy society. So I think he kind of feels like, ‘You know what? I enjoy a good breeze on my private parts.’

§ Nikki Finke quotes a Fandango survey of people who are going to see WATCHMEN:

— 60% have read the Watchmen graphic novel
— 85% say the online clips and trailers made them more excited to see the movie
— 57% plan to see Watchmen with a group of friends
— 71% are planning a get together before or after the movie
— 85% had seen director Zack Snyder’s previous movie 300 on the big screen
— 73% are male
— 65% are aged 18 to 34

§ The Rotten Tomatoes review rating system has it at 76 percent. The smattering of top critics have it at a mere 17 percent, but too few precincts are reporting.

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  1. I find it depressing that people are discussing the size of Dr. Manhattan’s dick. Who cares?

    I seem to recall the smattering of so-called top critics panned Zack’s last film, too.

  2. Read it. (Read it once a year, usually the Graphitti edition.)
    Clips don’t do it for me, but that first Dark Knight clip, with the hour glass on Mars… that was cool.
    Bought two tickets. Is that a group?
    The screening’s at 10AM on Sunday, so probably lunch afterwards. (Sushi?)
    Saw 300, took my brother and sister-in-law (normal folk) to see it. They enjoyed it.
    Male. 39. So I remember it at the comics shop. Didn’t read it until the trade came out. (Boy, I was a trailblazer back then! Did the same with Sandman!)

    I wonder if Zack included the genetically engineered chicken?

  3. I wonder what percentage I fall under for those who can’t seem to find a date with a member of the opposite sex on such short notice to go with tomorrow night with a pass he just won from the LA Weekly?

    I should have heard from my some LA area myspacer by now…dammit.



  4. Rorschach was an especially well developed as a character; i hope the actor that played his role is nominated for some kind of an award (when that season comes around again)