This weekend, HBO is making their hit series Watchmen free for all to watch starting Friday, June 19th through Sunday, June 21st. The series will be free to watch starting on Juneteenth, a day observed by some as the annual celebration of emancipation from slavery in the United States. Episodes will be available to watch on, Free On Demand, and airing on HBO and HBO Latino starting at 1:00 p.m. ET/PT on Friday.

Created by Damon Lindelof and starring Regina King, Watchmen is inspired by the 1986 graphic novel series written by Alan Moore and revolves around masked vigilantes in an alternate history but also examines race and Black history. The series starts in 1921 Tulsa depicting the Tulsa race massacre, where mobs of white residents attacked black residents and businesses in Greenwood District, the wealthiest black community in the United States at the time.

In a press release, HBO praised the series as a “timely, poignant series that explores the legacy of systemic racism in America.” The marathon comes as “an extension of the network’s content offering highlighting Black experiences, voices, and storytellers.”