22Jackie190Gerard Butler…Clive Owen….Gerard Butler…Clive Owen….OH! Where were we? OH YEAH Watchmen casting news! Earlier this week AICN’s Moriarty rounded up all this is known so far. Apparently Keanu turned down Dr. Manhattan, and Jason Patric is the new pick…Okay that works. Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl and Jude Law as Ozymandias are still on. For Rorschach, the current front runner is Oscar® nominee Jackie Earle Haley, which really would work because before making his big comeback last year, former child star (Breaking Away) Haley dropped out and took a series of humiliating menial jobs:

He began delivering pizzas. And sometimes he found himself fidgeting uneasily at the door, waiting for a tip, partly hoping that the people on the other side of the threshold wouldn’t recognize him…and partly praying that they would. Either way, he was humiliated. So he began driving a limousine. Surely, he thought, that would be more anonymous work. But soon he found himself chauffeuring celebrities to movie premieres. While he waited in the front seat chain-smoking, they walked the red carpet. So he took a job as a security guard. ”Everybody’s got to work,” he says, looking back at that grim time. ”It’s nothing to apologize for. But the problem was, for a long time I was still recognizable. So everything I did, I had people approaching me, ‘Aren’t you that guy?’ And it’s embarrassing because you’re standing there in your little security-guard outfit with a billy club.”

Nice. This guy knows Rorschach.

That leaves the Comedian. Moriarty says:

The Comedian’s still up for grabs, too, but they’ve looked at everyone from Ron Pearlman to Nathan Fillion for the role. Right now, it sounds like there’s one actor who Snyder likes for the part, but I’m not at liberty to divulge his identity yet. Let’s just say it’s a “punishing” choice, and the actor brings a lot of comic book credibility to the role if he ends up playing it.

Duh, now who could THAT be????

Unmentioned in any of this is who would play Sally Jupiter, we guess cuz she’s a chick and someone named Katie will play it anyway. Whatevs.


  1. He could be a good choice , but I was thinking about Watchmen the other day and I thought of the perfect guy for the part of Rorschach. Another fromer child actor, Danny Bonaduce, who not only has the look but holds several black belts and has done stunt work before.

  2. I sure he’s talking about John Travolta instead of Thomas Jane.

    Or…Dolph Lundgren? Eurgh.

    Too bad Mel Gibson doesn’t have the physique to pull it off. But Jamie’s suggestion is still pretty damn good.

  3. Why do they always mention Breaking Away when they mention Jackie Haley.

    He should get recognized more for Kelly Leak and Bad News Bears I say.

    But that would be great casting for Rhorschach definitely!

  4. Hell, while we’re at it, why not Todd Bridges for the prison shrink?

    Nah, they better throw that to Carl from “Family Matters.” He’s a ringer.

  5. In what is arguably the most important comic based movie to date, casting is going to be essential. Everyone has their personal faves to round out the roles of the Watchmen. Here are mine.

    1. Comedian (Dennis Farina or James Brolin. Both are age appropriate).
    2. Rorshach (David Patrick Kelly or Jackie Earl Haley)
    3. Silk Spectres I & II (Diane Ladd and Laura Dern, real mother & daughter).
    4. Nite Owl (Henry Czerny or Kevin Dunn)
    5. Dr. Manhattan (Jeremy Irons)
    6. Ozymandias (Ralph Fiennes, Brad Pitt or Val Kilmer)