Just a little “gotcha”….despite many many websites picking up yesterday’s Variety story about Frank Miller writing a script for Clive Owen, the story did NOT say that Miller was going to direct the film as many many websites — and even the Guardian!!!— stated! The story was a bit vague — the actual term was “Adapting” but after a bit of recon with several of our highly placed Hollywood sources, we are satisfied that our interpretation is the correct one — AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Guess we’ll have to wait a while more for Holy Terror, Batman, eh?

Speaking of Clive Owen…CLIVE OWEN! Do you remember so long ago when the whole world was in love with Clive Owen? Do you remember our “Clive Owen programme” here at SBM? Damn that was fun. We need to do something like that again. Sadly, Raymond Chandler is not a “comic book movie” per se, so we won’t be giving it exhaustive coverage here at Stately Beat Manor, as much as we love to post pictures of Clive Owen!

Oh here’s one everyone can enjoy…did you know the Clivester is going to star in a movie with Monica Bellucci? Oh boy, we rate this one A for you need to wear asbestos because these two will be heating up the screen!


But you know, our Gerard Butler program was fun, too. What is it about our favorite stars and Frank Miller anyway? Honest to God, Clive and DDGB were both faves of ours before they ever helped make Frank Miller a household name. But it did give us the chance to post pictures like this.
You can Tell DDGB is all man, because only a real man could get away with wearing that shirt. We have one just like it, honest. Oh and these recent photos show that Gerard has lost his post 300 junket bloat and is looking pretty good, so that’s a BIG relief.

Super ps: if you are worried about Frank Miller being able to adapt Chandler — and bear in mind, Raymond Chandler is our SECOND FAVORITE WRITER OF ALL TIMES — we are comforted by the fact that Miller knows LA inside and out, and that is the prerequisite to understanding Chandler. And Clive? We think he’ll make a dandy Marlowe.


  1. even the Guardian

    The long-running BBC comedy panel game I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue has a running gag about how inaccurate and how many mistakes The Guardian makes: “The Guardian, Corrections and Clarifications: Yesterday’s headline should have read ‘Caesar Slayed’ not ‘Caesar Salad’.”

  2. I’m sure Miller can adapt it, no problems. However, I’m worried that without a competent director at the helm that the mixture of Miller’s flair for noir dialogue could lead an actor to over-play the part. I’m a huge Chandler fan myself and while I’m sure Miller really gets Philip Marlowe, I’m worried that some dork will come along and play it heavy-handedly and miss the actual subtleties of his character. Watch Bogart, people! He did it right, and aim for just that stuff.

    Also, did The Beat notice that none other than Chris Jericho is listed in the cast of that Owen/Bellucci pic? I guess his post-Lion Tamer career is finally getting past being interviewed for heavy metal documentaries on VH1.

  3. Another bullet dodged. Miller may have an understanding of noir, but I see nothing in his work to indicate that he understands either Chandler or Marlowe. And as much as I may like Owen and Bogart, Dick Powell remains the definitive Marlowe, trailed closely by Mitchum in “Farewell, My Lovely” (though not in “The Big Sleep;” Marlow belongs in SoCal, not London).

  4. Clive will make a kick-arse Marlowe. But it’s just the accent I’m worried about… To me Ed Bishop’s the only one who sounds like Marlowe. But that’s prolly cos I’m biased towards the BBC radio adaptations :P

    Damn, I missed the Clive & Butler programmes. What about starting a James McAvoy programme since he’s going to star in Wanted?