What?  You didn’t know there was a Black Panther cartoon?

Back in 2010, Reggie Hudlin produced a 6 episode Black Panther cartoon for Black Entertainment Television.  Actually, it ran in Australia in 2010.  It didn’t run on BET until 2011.  Hudlin, the House Party writer/director and Django Unchained co-producer, was President of Entertainment for BET in the mid-aughts and also wrote the Black Panther comic from ’05 to ’08.

Seeing as how the Black Panther movie is rocking the box office, BET has suddenly become less shy about the cartoon and is sharing it on the interwebs.  We’ve collected it here for your viewing convenience.


  1. Ahead of the pack! I bought this on dvd for $5 over a year ago, because I liked he show/its politics fit with the motion format. I love its theme song music particularly, and would love to shiw this to friends/non-comic people. cool show, and format for Hudlin/Romita Jr

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