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Could there be better news than a new 30-minute Wallace and Gromit short the first since 1995’s A Close Shave.

Creator Nick Park said: “The story takes Wallace and Gromit in a direction we haven’t seen before – both emotionally and technically.”

Shooting starts in January at Aardman studios in Bristol.

Trouble At’ Mill is a murder mystery that sees Wallace and Gromit running a bakery business – with their house converted into a granary with ovens and robotic kneading arms.

Creator Nick Park was busy making the Oscar®-winning CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT in the intervening years but is happy to return to the short form. The film is expected in 2008.

Above, concept art.


  1. I hope that they go back to stop motion and away from CGI, but I suppose CGI is just a sign-of-the-times thing that I should learn to deal with (plus that comment about new directions “technically” is not very encouraging in this regard). Still, love the idea of new adventures, and I wish Grommy was MY dog!

  2. From what I understand, “Flushed Away” was CGI at DreamWorks’ insistence. Aardman and DreamWorks split earlier this year, and all of Aardman’s new projects may be CGI-assisted, but will be stop-motion at heart.

    Still, there’s a certain Aardman-ness that can’t be repressed if they’re done right. I believe “The Presentators” was all CGI, but designed to look and feel like stop-motion. They were hilarious, too.