Today Viz Media shocked manga fans everywhere with the surprise licensing announcement for the biggest viral meme turned fan-favorite series of 2023, Kagurabachi!

If you were anywhere on the internet when Kagurabachi released in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine you undoubtedly have heard about the series. It quickly reached viral status and became the third most-read series on the Manga Plus app, with it currently sitting in 9th place with over 125,000 views. This amount of sudden readership caught the attention of senior WSJ editors, Japanese readers, and even the creators themselves. Given its sheer virality, turned popularity, it was only a matter of time before Viz Media saw to finally licensing Kagurabachi.

Additionally, Viz also announced the license of somewhat of another meme among the manga community, an official coloring book for the ever-popular Spy x Family series.


KagurabachiSeries by: Takeru Hokazono

Son of a famous swordsmith, Chihiro spends his days honing his craft in hopes of becoming a great swordsmith himself. One day tragedy strikes and Chihiro instead turns his focus towards blood-soaked vengeance!

Kagurabachi will officially be available in retail stores and online in Fall 2024!

Spy x Family: Official Coloring Book

Series by: Tatsuya Endo

The latest popular Viz series to receive an official coloring book is none other than the smash-hit series, Spy x Family! The coloring book will be over 70 pages full of images featuring Anya, Loid, and Yor Forger.

Spy x Family: The Official Coloring Book will be available in retail stores and online in Fall 2024!

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